TYSO Personnel 18-19

TYSO Personnel 18-19
TYSO Personnel 18-19 2019-02-22T13:39:45+00:00

Violin I
Kaavya Vemuri, Concertmaster
Timothy Baker
Harper Brice
Marco De Tuoni
Jason Johnson
Megan Malmberg-Burnette
Ella Pyon
Annabelle Sneed
Luke Tychansky

Violin II
Sunny Zhao, Principal
Eliot Bock
Megan Frueh
Rishi Krishnan
Alex Liu
Joshua Lo
Sean Lo
Ciara Louie
Therese Panganiban
Philip Satterwhite
Andrew Tsai

Violin III
Claire Kwark, Principal
Sooraj Abu
Nathaniel Fogle
Giana Hill
Nisha Kasturi
Olivia Nightingale
Cullen Swain

Alan Manolov, Principal
Gillian Bock
Natalie Elrod
Xinhao Ling

Seating is subject to change at the discretion of the conductors.

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