TYS Meymandi Concert Information

TYS Meymandi Concert Information
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TYS Meymandi Hall Dress Rehearsal and Concert Information

**Map to Stage Door of Meymandi** 
Meymandi Hall address:
2 E. South Street, Raleigh, 27601. Stage door is off of Salisbury Street.

Dress Rehearsal Instructions

  • 6:40 arrival. Entrance is via the Stage Door (see the map link), the front doors are locked.
  • Only musicians with large instruments (harp, bass, tuba) should pull into the parking lot behind the hall to unload or be picked up. Everyone else should park across Salisbury Street and walk to the Stage Door.
  • Other than TYS volunteers, or parents assisting with large instruments, no other parents are allowed back stage.
  • Musicians and parents enter the auditorium via stage door. Wait on lower string side of the auditorium until TYO rehearsal has ended. Rehearsal is from 7:00 – 8:45 pm.
  • Parents may listen in the hall, but the lobby and lobby bathrooms are off limits. There are bathrooms in the dressing rooms in the basement we can use.
  • After the rehearsal, musicians should be met by parents at the Stage Door.

Concert Instructions

  • Arrive for TYO concert at 7pm. Instruments can be left in the dressing rooms downstairs.
  • If you cannot get there in time for the TYO Concert, arrive at 7:15 pm.
  • Enter through the stage door, go downstairs to Green Room.
  • TYS Musicians should wait until the TYO concert is completely over before leaving the hall to get your instruments.
  • At that time, proceed downstairs to dressing rooms to unpack, tune, and warm-up.
  • At approximately 7:45, musicians will be brought up to the hall with the concert beginning at 8:00.
  • Instructions pertaining to the parking lot usage, parents allowed backstage and cases above will apply.
  • Leave music and folders in the boxes provided back stage.

Concert Dress

only required for the concert, not dress rehearsal, and is as follows:

Boys: Black pants (no jeans), white shirt, long tie, black socks and black shoes. No jackets, tuxedos or bow ties.

Girls: White blouse with sleeves and ankle-length black skirt or full-cut dress pants. Alternately, ankle-length all-black dress with sleeves, or black blouse with sleeves and ankle-length black skirt or full-cut dress pants.

Ticket Information

Tickets are on sale during the two rehearsals prior to the concert. (cash or check accepted)
Tickets are general admission
Main Floor Adult $15
Main floor Senior (65 and up) $10
Main floor Child (all through 12th grade) $5
First balcony all ages $20
Philharmonic Association members are given a complimentary ticket to hear the TYO and TYS concerts.

Video and Audio Recordings

Professional recordings may be pre-ordered at the two rehearsals prior and at the concert. Audience members are not allowed to make personal recordings during the concert. DVDs are $20 and CDs are $10, cash or check. Please support this effort so we can continue to make professional recordings.

Meet Our SupportersThe Philharmonic Association wishes to thank and acknowledge the following organizations and corporations for their funding support.