Meymandi Hall address: 2 E. South Street, Raleigh, 27601. Stage door is off of Salisbury Street.

Map to Stage Door of Meymandi

Dress Rehearsal Instructions

  • Be on stage, ready to rehearse, no later than 6:15 pm.
  • Entrance is via the Stage Door (see the map link), the front doors are locked.
  • Only musicians with large instruments (harp, bass, tuba) should pull into the parking lot behind the hall to unload or be picked up. Everyone else should park across Salisbury Street and walk to the Stage Door.
  • Put cases perpendicular on the shelves back stage. Only cello, bass, tuba, or harp cases should be on the floor. Do not block the office door.
  • Parents may listen in the hall, but the lobby and lobby bathrooms are off limits. There are bathrooms in the dressing rooms in the basement we can use.
  • The rehearsal may go a little late if necessary.

Concert Instructions

  • Be on stage in Concert Dress (see below), ready for a sound check, no later than 2:30 pm (6:30 for a 7:00 concert). Arrive no later than 2:15 pm (6:15 for a 7:00 concert)
  • Dress rehearsal instructions pertaining to the parking lot and cases apply.
  • Leave music and folders in the boxes provided back stage.

Concert Dress

only required for the concert, not dress rehearsal, and is as follows:

Boys: Black pants (no jeans), white shirt, long tie, black socks and black shoes. No jackets, tuxedos or bow ties.

Girls: White blouse with sleeves and ankle-length black skirt or full-cut dress pants. Alternately, ankle-length all-black dress with sleeves, or black blouse with sleeves and ankle-length black skirt or full-cut dress pants.

Holiday Concert Dress: Members are encouraged to wear holiday attire such as brightly colored tops.

Ticket Information

Tickets are on sale during the two rehearsals prior to the concert. Only cash or check accepted. 
Tickets are general admission,
Main Floor Adults and Seniors $10,
Main floor Child (all through 12th grade) Free
first balcony $15

Video Recordings

Professional recordings may be pre-ordered at the two rehearsals prior. At the concert, order forms with envelopes to mail payments will be available. We can accept no payments at the concert because we will be charged 20%. Audience members are not allowed to make personal recordings during the concert. Digital downloads are $20. Please support this effort so we can continue to make professional recordings.