Tributes From Musicians, Alumni, and Parents About Their Experiences With The Philharmonic Association

The following are a selection of testimonials about our work. For more, please visit the Great Nonprofits website where the Philharmonic Association is honored to have been included.


“Being able to play all this Classical music is really fun, and once you get the hang of it, it sounds really, really good.”

“I like being with people who have the same interests as I do and I also like being challenged.”

“This was my first year in TYP and I feel like I learned a lot. I really enjoyed the music that you selected for us to play, especially the Haydn.”

“I appreciate the sense of accomplishment I feel when we’ve finished with the rehearsals and play the concert.”

“TYP is here to learn to play in an orchestra and to have fun in an orchestra and not necessarily to be afraid about the concerts. I enjoy playing with other musicians who are serious about music and love to play.”

“I can’t play in an orchestra at school and I really love the music we’re playing here – from Firebird to Tschaikovsky – whatever the good works are for orchestra. It’s my only opportunity.”


“The Philharmonic Association is doing an outstanding service for the community by allowing its orchestras to achieve such a high level of musical education by top-notch professionals and committed teachers. Whether you know it or not, these orchestras are initiating young people into a different world than they might otherwise know. The world of a musician spans all of history and gives them the tools to live imaginatively long after the applause is over.”

“When I think back on High School, what I’m going to remember most–and miss the most–is Youth Phil. It’s just such a neat group of people and I feel that I belong there. I do talk to the Brass players, but one thing that’s neat is that I don’t have to talk, but that I’m just, well, just part of it anyway. A lot of people don’t talk much and I think that they feel the same way I do. I mean, I learn a lot there, but the best thing is just being there.”

“I never knew what commitment was until I tried out for TYP. I guess you could say being in TYP instilled a dream in my heart that never died. I am now at my last year at Appalachian State University majoring in Marketing and Music Industry. Everyone’s first response is ‹that is an interesting combination.’ I just tell them that marketing keeps me insane and music keeps me sane. I am now teaching for the first year and I love it. I am able to pass on the dream of always striving to be the best person you can be.”


“…just a note to tell you what an incredible arts experience on Saturday night when I attended the RDT Ballet concert. The Lady Kate ballet was truly one of those “alive” arts moments that are so rare these days. The young musicians and dancers performed beyond my expectations…it was so professional and I know others felt the same. I left feeling there is hope for the future of the arts – and it is with these kids.”

“There is more than great music coming out of these orchestras. The opportunities that the orchestras give our young musicians to expand their skills and self confidence will serve them well in whatever careers they decide to pursue.”

“Working on more advanced orchestral compositions has helped Rebecca expand and create goals that I (computer geek) may never fully understand. This afternoon’s performance was wonderful!! Thank you for all you give and the wonderful opportunities you have provided for Rebecca and other aspiring musicians.”

“It is clear that even if many Philharmonic Association musicians do not pursue music as a career, they all enjoy playing and being part of the organization. In fact, in recent interviews of many of the musicians from all three orchestras for a promotional video we are making, I was amazed at how many said that they were planning on being part of either their college orchestras or local community orchestras, even if they weren’t going into music for their career. They all showed enthusiasm and appreciation for their involvement in these orchestras. They all talk about their opportunities – playing exciting and challenging music, playing with other talented students, and receiving instruction and inspiration from professional musicians. What a legacy for our community and future generations!”

Photo of philharmonic timpanist during performance

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