Triangle Youth String Sinfonia Repertoire

Sinfonia performs both original works and arrangements of well known classical pieces for string orchestra. The following list includes pieces that Sinfonia has performed in concert.

Composer Arranger Piece
Atwell Rhythm Sticks
Bach Isaac Brandenburg Concerto No. 3
Balmages Variations on an Irish Tune
Banchieri Sinfonia
Bizet Frost Song of the Toreador
Bizet Galop
Borodin Frost Polovtzian Dance
Burgermuller Myers Arabesque
Caponegro Tropical Serenade
Debussy Isaac Claire de Lune
Elgar Bender Nimrod
Faure Lipton In Paradisium
Ford Hyperdrive
Foster Gruselle Three American Songs
Gliere Caponegro Russian Sailor’s Dance
Grieg Monday In the Hall of the Mountain King
Handel Meyer Hornpipe from Water Music
Handel Parrish Royal Fireworks Overture
Handel Frost The Hallelujah Chorus
Hofeldt, William Halcyon
Holst Phillippe Bringer of Joy
Holst Monday Jupiter from the Planets
Holst Monday La Paloma (The White Dove)
Khatchaturian Frost Sabre Dance
Kovats Allemande Left
L’Arlesienne Bizet/Issac Farandole
Leo Delibes McCashin Pavane and Lesquercarde
Martini Isaac Gavotte
Meyer Fiddler’s Stew
Meyer Idylls of Pegasus
Mozart Phillips Eine Kleine Nacht
Mozart Hall Shepard King Overture
Mozart Farrar Royce Symphony No 29 Allegro moderato
Mozart del Borgo Table Music
Purcell Stroud Rondo from Adbelazer
Rimsky-Korsakov Dance of the Tumblers
Saintsaens Halferty Carnival of the Animals
Saintsaens Gruselle Danse Macabre
Pachebel Caponegro Theme from Cannon in D
Purcell Meyer Rigaudon
Rossini McLeod William Tell Overture
Saint-saens Dackow Poco Adagio from Symphony in C
Schubert McCashin, Robert D. Symphony No.8 Unfinished 1st Mvt
Smetana Frost Themes from the “Moldau”
Spata, Doug Maharaja
Tarrega, Francisco McCarrick, Tim Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Tchaikovsky Gruselle, Carrie Lane Marche Slav
Tchaikovsky Hopkins, Michael Swan Lake Act ll, No. 10
Tchaikovsky Phillipe The Nutcracker Excerpts
Tchaikovsky Gruselle Themes from Romeo and Juliet
Tchaikovsky Keiser Waltz from Serenafe for Strings
Tchaikovsky Longfield Waltz of the Flowers
Telemann Attack on the Windmills from Don Quixote
Telemann LaBrie Concerto in D
Traditional Story, Michael America: Sweet Land of Liberty
Traditional Hall, Percy Appalachian Reflections
Traditional Pfeil, Brad Dark Island
Traditional Williams, John Hatikva
Traditional Wang Lijang River Landscape
Traditional Barrie Londonderry Air
Vivaldi Alshin A Little Summer Music
Vivaldi Alshin Autumn from the Four Seasons
Vivaldi Caponegro Spring from the Four Seasons
Vivaldi Alshin A Little Summer Music
Vivaldi Alshin Themes from “Gloria”

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