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School Term Jazz Auditions
Auditions will take place August 16, 2020. Students will not select a specific group for which to audition, but will be assigned to the group providing them the best learning opportunity with musicians of a similar skill level.

Registration is online using the link below.

Except in cases of financial hardship, there is a $20 audition fee and auditions will not be scheduled until the fee has been received.
Call 919-645-8434 to request a waiver based on financial need.

Jazz Auditions General Requirements

Scales: (be prepared to play scales from memory)
Excerpt: All students should prepare the level one excerpt. More advanced students may also prepare the excerpts for level two and/or three. Excerpts may be downloaded below. If you play all three excerpts you will be considered for TYJE, TYJO, and TYJB. You will be considered for TYJO and TYJB if you play the first two excerpts. You will only be considered for TYJB if you play only the first excerpt.
Improvisation: To be considered for TYJE or TYJO, students must play an improvisation. The student will play along with the pre-recorded backing track provided below. Play Billie’s Bounce (provided below) two times. You will hear a harmony part the second time but play the same melody you play the first time, don’t play the harmony. Then improvise two choruses. For the audition, the student will listen to the downloaded track in headphones and play along with it.
Sight-reading: There will be a short sight-reading piece for all applicants.

1. Everyone plays one octave major scale of your choice. For more advanced players, be prepared to play any major scale in 2 or 3 octaves.

2. Excerpts (download by clicking the instruments)

Level 1:
Clarinet-Play full excerpt
Saxophones-Play full excerpt
Trumpet-Play full excerpt
Trombone-Play full excerpt
Piano-Play all of B including pickups
Bass-Play from letter J to the end
Guitar-Play from letter J to the end
Drums-Play a basic swing groove, Latin groove, and straight 8th groove
Vocals (same for basic, advanced, and intermediate) – Choose two of these six songs for your range.
Every Day (I Have the Blues)
I Didn’t Know About You
I Got It Bad
I’m Just a Lucky So and So
If You Could See Me Now
Rocks in My Bed

Level 2:
Alto Saxophone-Play letter B
Tenor Saxophone-Play letter F
Baritone Saxophone-Play letter B
Trumpet-Play letter C
Trombone-Play letter C and D
Piano-Play from the beginning to bar 12 on page 1 and measures 77-88 on page 2
Bass-Play entire page
Guitar-Play entire excerpt (same as Basic Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet excerpt above)
Drums-Play entire excerpt (same as advanced excerpt below)

Level 3:
Alto Saxophone-Play bars 82-101
Tenor Saxophone-Play entire page
Baritone Saxophone-Play bras 82-101
Trumpet-Play entire page
Trombone-Play letter E and F
Piano-Play letter I and J
Bass-Play entire page
Guitar-Play entire excerpt 
Drums-Play entire excerpt

3. Improvisation Pieces

Pre-recorded background track 

C Treble Instruments
B-flat Instruments
E-flat instruments
Bass clef instruments

Dress Rehearsal/Concert Dates (mandatory)

Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble (TYJE), Gregg Gelb, Director

Fall Dress Rehearsal: November 14, 2020
Fall Concert: November 15, 2020
Regional Essentially Ellington Festival: TBD
Spring Dress Rehearsal: TBD
Spring Concert: TBD

Triangle Youth Jazz Orchestra (TYJO), Lisa Burn, Director
Fall Dress Rehearsal: November 14, 2020
Fall Concert: November 15, 2020
Regional Essentially Ellington Festival: TBD
Spring Concert: TBD

Triangle Youth Jazz Band (TYJB), Kobie Watkins, Director
Fall Dress Rehearsal: November 14, 2020
Fall Concert: November 15, 2020
Spring Concert: TBD

Audition Fee

Audition fees may be paid by check or using Paypal at the time of registration. Please make the audition fee check out to Philharmonic Association or PA, Inc.

Audition fees should be mailed to:
Auditions Coordinator
Philharmonic Association, Inc.
P. O. Box 782
Cary, North Carolina 27512-0782

Registrations are open until the auditions for your instrument have taken place. The exact time and date of your audition will be mailed to you using the US Postal Service on or about August 8, 2019 or within three days of receipt of your audition fee, whichever is later.

Placement into one of the Philharmonic Association jazz ensembles (TYJE, TYJO or TYJB) is at the discretion of the adjudicators. Their decisions are final and are not open for review.

Read the Jazz Handbook before you register!

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