Contribute to the Philharmonic Association

The Philharmonic Association relies on contributions from individuals and corporations to meet some of the needs of the annual operating budget. Donations to the Philharmonic Association, Inc., a non-profit educational corporation exempt from federal income taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the federal Revenue Code, are deductible for federal income tax purposes as allowed under section 170 of the Code.

Contributions may be mailed to:
Philharmonic Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 782
Cary, NC 27512-0782

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund has been established to provide stable funding for the future. Conductor positions in each ensemble, each musician’s chair, and the annual concerts are available. Contributors will be permanently listed in our concert programs next to the conductor, chair, or concert endowed.

Triangle Youth Philharmonic Conductor $25,000

Triangle Youth Symphony Conductor $24,000

Triangle Youth Orchestra Conductor $12,000

Triangle Youth Orchestra Assistant Conductor $12,000

Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble Conductor $20,000

Triangle Youth Jazz Orchestra Conductor $20,000

Triangle Youth String Orchestras Conductor $24,000

Triangle Youth Philharmonic Spring Concert $25,000

Triangle Youth Philharmonic Fall Concert $25,000

Triangle Youth Symphony and Triangle Youth Orchestra Spring Concert $25,000

Triangle Youth Symphony and Triangle Youth Orchestra Fall Concert $25,000

Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble Spring Concert $25,000

Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble Fall Concert $25,000

Triangle Youth Philharmonic Chairs $5000

Triangle Youth Symphony Chairs $4000

Triangle Youth Orchestra Chairs $3000

Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble Chairs $5000

Triangle Youth Jazz Orchestra Chairs $4000

Triangle Youth Jazz band Chairs $3000

Triangle Youth Chamber Ensemble Chairs $5000


Endowment Fund Contributors

Triangle Youth Philharmonic Conductor $25,000
The Hugh Partridge Chair Given by The Robert B. Carr Family Endowment, which is administered by the North Carolina Community Foundation
Triangle Youth String Orchestra Conductor $24,000
The Marta Findlay-Partridge Chair Begun in her honor by the Philharmonic Association Board (contributors below)
Triangle Youth Philharmonic Chairs $5000
Concertmaster: The Esther Anna Christina Imm Chair Given anonymously
Associate Concertmaster: The Stephanie A. Fischetti Chair Given in her honor (contributors below)
Assistant Concertmaster: The Daniel M. Albro Chair Begun by Margaret and Hugh Partridge (contributors below)
Principal Second Violin: The Laurie and Jonathan Miller Chair Given by Laura S. Miller
Principal Viola: The Ada LeBaron Partridge Chair Given by Margaret and Hugh Partridge
Principal Cello: The Chris G. and Mary A. Schmitt Chair Given by the Albro Family
Principal Bass: The Julianne Lee Russell Chair Given by Alice B. Russell
Principal Oboe: The JKBae Foundation Chair Given by the JKBae Foundation
Principal Clarinet: The Mr. and Mrs. Edward O. Woolner Chair Funded by the Coat Check at North Carolina Symphony Meymandi Hall Concerts
Principal Trumpet: The Ruth G. McElrath Chair Given by Mrs. Hugh T. McElrath
Principal Trombone: Hugh T. McElrath Chair Given by Mrs. Hugh T. McElrath
Principal Percussion: The Jack and Mary McCall Chair Given by Jack and Mary McCall Charitable Foundation
Triangle Youth Symphony Chairs $4000
Concertmaster: The Dorothy Wiseman Lambert Chair Given by John and Nancy Lambert
Principal Second Violin: The Marta C. Findlay-Partridge Chair Given anonymously
Principal Trombone: The Tony K. Robinson Chair Given by friends and former students (contributors below)
Triangle Youth Orchestra Chairs $3000
Concertmaster: The Margaret McElrath Partridge Chair Given by Given by Susan and Ned Gardner, Brian and Elizabeth Gilger, Eileen Hornbake, Anya McGuirk, Laura S. Miller, Gary and Ruth Mock, Srinivasan and Lakshmi Muralidharan, Diane Soha Partridge, John and Eunice Shoemaker, Steve and Janice Wilkinson
Principal Viola: The Hugh Partridge Chair Given by Linda and Nick Alderson, James and Conne Maynard, and Laura S. Miller
Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble Chairs $5000
Piano: The Malcolm Moritz Chair Begun by Margaret and Hugh Partridge (contributors below)
Triangle Youth Chamber Ensemble Chairs $5000
Triangle Youth Philharmonic Woodwind Quintet: Todd Wetherwax Oboe Chair Chair  Begun by Philip Kates and Deborah Schwartz Kates
Triangle Youth Philharmonic String Quartet: Cello Chair  Begun by Katy Tam and Tony Chang (contributors below)

Chairs Open For Contributions

TYP String Quartet Cello Chair Endowment Donors
Advocate $1000 – $1999 
Katy Tam and Tony Chang
Margaret and Hugh Partridge
Patron $500 – $999 
Diane Partridge Soha
Boosters $100 – $249 
Walter and Linda Rogers


TYP Woodwind Quintet “Todd Wetherwax” Oboe Chair Endowment Donors
Sponsor $250 – $499 
Philip Kates and Deborah Schwartz-Kates
David and Nancy Crowley
Alison and Seth Weinreb
Boosters $100 – $249 
Mrs. Wetherwax
Triangle Youth String Orchestra Conductor Chair
Advocate $1000 – $1999 
Marta Findlay-Partridge
Patron $500 – $999 

Laura S. Miller
Piya and Ratan Ray
Roth Family Foundation
Vince and Mei Thai
Triangle Community Orchestra
Sponsors $250 – $499 

Roopa and Seva Adari
David and Grace Harvey
Randy and Erica Kremer
Boosters $100 – $249 
Jake and Jackie Baker
Chung-Huy and Le-Mei Chen
Jeffery Combs and Michele Gora
Lisa and Boris Cvetkovski
Shu-Cherng and Chi-Hsin Fang
Drake Driscoll and Anya McGuirk
Sam, Grace, and Josh Hartman
Orlando and Neena Jesalva
Gary and Janet Lewis
Lori Lomelino
Patti and John Maxwell
Jayashree and Sundareswaran Sriram
Geoffrey and Mary Ann Williams
Jinxiang and Pei-Jung Zhu
Friends up to $99 
Luc Absillis and Nancy Locquet Absillis
Kari Boshoff
Stephen and Jo Anna Cartwright
Clay Clark and Deborah Danzeiser
Heath Cox
William and Pamela Dannelly
Harish Sadasivan and Jayarani Hajarnis
Brad and Stephanie Hirschy
Jim and Carol House
Dale and Carolyn Johnson
John and Virginia Jurkin
Robin and Barbara Marley
Friends up to $99 
Nitish and Shefali Nadkarni
Timothy and Ruth Ng
Vincent and Emese Pedroza
Radhika Ramakrishnan
David and Maria Sears
Subha and Nambi Sridharan
David and Kathleen Stefanick
Brian Beck and Teresa Vessels
Susannah and Guy Vitaglione

Chairs Fully Endowed

Woolner Chair Endowment Donors
Benefactor $2000 – $4999 
Funded by the Coat Check at North Carolina Symphony Meymandi Hall Concerts
Albro Chair Endowment Donors
Advocate $1000 – $1999 
Margaret and Hugh Partridge
Patron $500 – $999 
Paul Gorski
Tom and Susan Lohr
Sponsors $250 – $499 
Christine Albro
Boosters $100 – $249 

Kay Struffolino
Moritz Chair Endowment Donors
Benefactor $2000 – $4999 
Margaret and Hugh Partridge
Patron $500 – $999 
Ruth G. McElrath
Boosters $100 – $249 
TYJE Concert attendees
Robinson Chair Endowment Donors

Sponsors $250 – $499 

Leslie and Robert Lacin
Lakshmi and Srinivasan Muralidharan 

Boosters $100 – $249 

Mary and Jeffrey Breen
Brevofield Golf Links
Jody and Boyd Fogle
Laura Hammond
Karen and David Hight
Thomas and Leslie Kieffer
Anne and Steve Michalak
Michael and Susan Reid
Kathleen and David Stefanick
Rita and Walter Thurman

Friends up to $99 

Sue Ann and John Austin
Wen-Yih and Dan Bantukul
Kenneth Barnhouse
Gregory and Jill Baumann
Nandita and Subroto Bhattacharya
Debbie and Richard Blaylock
Darlene and Charlton Burns
Joanna and Stephen Cartwright
Li-Mei and Chung-Huy Chen
Pei-Jium Chu and Eric Chien
Min-Ni and Jaw-Ji Chu
Bernard and Patricia Clarke
Carter and Wyatt Coleman
Michele Gora and Jeffery Combs
Heath Cox
Randi and Thomas Davis
Jennifer and Scott Despain
Lisa and Dana Duttman
Yan and Jianing Feng
Michelle and Aurora Frein
Jane and David Garbarz
Brenda Gibbs
Janeen and David Goodwin
James and Caroline Evernham

Friends up to $99 

Crystal and Richard Grunwald
Betty Zhang and Chuck Guo
Anne and Richard Hall
Mary Hamrick
Kim Hankins
Paula and John Hansen
Pamela and Henry Hartman
Pratibha and Prashant Hebbar
Cindy Hemenway
Stephanie Henderson
David and Kathy Herchko
Maria and Adam Holtzman
Eileen and Bill Hornbake
Mark and Nicole Hussey
Christina and John Jenkins
Jisun Jung
Mary Linda McBride and Nevin Kessler
Mary Knierim
Edward and Michele Lee
Hui Hu and Li Li
Charlene and Eng-Hong Lin
Anya McGuirk
Lori and Nathan Mitchell

Friends up to $99 

Linda and Bill Nelson
Trang Do and Di Nguyen
Adele Behlow-Nicks and Randall Nicks
Helena Humphries and Steven Oakley
Vikran and Nita Oza
Holly and William O’Quinn
Em and Vince Pedroza
Stacy and Gregg Petruzzi
Jane Rhudy
Anish Shah
Mona Singh
Myra Solomon
Sudha and Bhanuprakash Srikantaswamy
James and Gordana Steiner
Huey Lin Ni and Keli Su
Wee Peng Yeh and Yew Seng Tan
Else and Thomas Travers
Cathy Wagner
Fran and Joel Walls
John and Cheryl Whelan
Mary Ann and Geoffrey Williams
Anita and Scott Wright
Lian Xie
Jeanine Ray and Chris Yarletts
Fischetti Chair Endowment Donors
Benefactor $2000 – $4,999 
Marta C. Findlay-Partridge
Patron $500 – $999 
Laura Miller
Sponsor $250 – $499 
Nancy and John Lambert
Boosters $100 – $249 
Brian and Elizabeth Gilger
Kay Struffolino
Friends up to $99 
Robert and Linda Annunziata
Ruth and Wesley Coble

Meet Our Supporters

The Philharmonic Association wishes to thank and acknowledge the following organizations and corporations for their funding support.