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Contribute Today

There are three methods you can use to make your tax-deductible financial contribution to The Philharmonic Association, Inc. today.

Mail your check to us:

Philharmonic Association, Inc.
Attn. Treasurer
P.O. Box 782
Cary, NC 27512-0782

Operating Fund Donors

$5000 or more

City of Raleigh Arts Commission
United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County
$2000 to $4999

North Carolina Symphony
IBM Corporation
Target Corporation
Town of Cary
$1000 to $1999

Reginald and Carole DeMatteis
Ella Ann L & Frank B Holding Foundation
Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival – a Cary based  festival supporting local arts and non-profit organizations and activities.
Alison and Seth Weinreb
$500 to $999

Linda and Nick Alderson, in honor of Hugh Partridge for 30 years of dedication, leadership, and appreciation and love for youth musicians everywhere.
Palani and Kothai Mohan
Warren Shank
Stan and Long Kim  Yates
$250 to $499

Ray and Carolyn Kohring
Shuanglin Wang and Huimin Chen

Up to $99

Jack and Marilyn Budrow
Michael and Virginia Byrne
Nayda Colomb
William and Pamela Dannelly
Rebekah Davis and Grady Jackson
Burton H. and Elizabeth  Dietz
GlaxoSmithKlein Foundation
Jo-ann and Joseph Fullwe
Wayne and Kathy Gurganious
Carrie Hubbard
Dale and Carolyn Johnson
Julia Lochra, in honor of Hugh & Margaret Partridge for their outstanding dedication and leadership
Robert and Carolyn Lundin
John and Ilse  Mallory, in memory of Dana
Robin Olson
Ron Quick
Harish Sadasivan and Jayarani Hajarnis
Kay Struffolino
Bonnie Thron and Fred Jacobowitz
Theodore Wagner
Terry and Michelle Wells
Janet Wrestler and Randy Eckhoff
$100 to $249

Joel Adams
Leonard Berenfield
Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Christine and Judith Bush
Shuanglin Wang and Huimin Chen
Barry Cheregosha
Jeffery Combs and Michele Gora
Lynn and Beverly  Davis
Robert and Patricia DeSimone
Rick and Kathie Fleck
Mitchell Franklin
Brian and Elizabeth Gilger, in honor of Hugh Partridge
Brad and Heather Gillespie
Louise Gung
Daniel Hammond
Joseph Huberman and Ruth Bromer
Todd and Ashley Huvard
Mary Lynch
Anya McGuirk
Janice McLaughlin
Gary and Ruth Mock
Chandrima Sen and Sudipto Mukherjee
Timothy and Ruth Ng
Stephanie Swisher
Raleigh Festival Orchestra
The Roth Family Foundation
James and Harriet Schnell
Aimee Wilson and James Smith
Van and Twee  Tran
Lorraine Waguespack
Aimee Wilson and James Smith

Current contributors of $50 and above are also listed in our concert programs. These include contributions since July 1, 2017.

30 Year Challenge

$500 to $999

Jin and PJ Zhu for Esther and Samuel

$250 to $499

Qingxiao Cheng and Hui Wang for Sarah
$100 to $249

Katy Tam and Tony Chang for Stephen and Kevin
Diane Partridge Soha

Up to $99

YuPei Khoo for Shania

TYJE Trip Fund Donors


$2000 to $4999
Joseph Bridger
Trathen Family FoundationAdvocates $1000 to $1999
Carrie Hubbard
Rafael Muller and Ana Santiago

$250 to $499
Michael and Sharon Long
Mary Lynch
Kelli Partin

Friends Up to $99
Beth Church
Diane Houston
Margaret Hryniuk
Stacey Jones
Keith June
Philip Kitching
Lisa Russo
Edna Sierra
Lisa Sykes
Charles Walton

$100 to $249
John Boswell
Tammy Blackard Cook
Benjamin Davis
John Denardo
Abie Harris
Mike and Tricia Hitmar
Steve and Pat Hodges
Patrick Johnson
Penny and Robert Larsen
Jennifer Leech
Margaret and Hugh Partridge
Emilie Rissman
Yanira Santiago
Susan Singer
Joshua Stein
Kim Von Weihe
Paul Zavattieri
Linda Zier

In-Kind Donors

Donations of materials and skills by businesses and individuals to help with needs such as printing, layout and design, advertising, and public relations. Current contributors are listed in our concert programs and on this web site.

Advocate $1000 – $1999

Christine Bush: web design services.
North Carolina Symphony: percussion and music stands for concerts, Summerfest tickets.

Patron $500 – $999

Searstone Retirement Community: rehearsal space.

Sponsor $250 – $499

North Carolina Museum of History: Concert venue.

Booster $100 – $249

Church of the Good Shepherd: TYO/TYS Honors Recital auditions venue.
Jacque Kipps: Coat check sign and easel
Manifold Recording: Piano tuning
St. Paul’s Episcopal: TYP Honors Recital auditions venue.

Meet Our Supporters

The Philharmonic Association wishes to thank and acknowledge the following organizations and corporations for their funding support.