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There are three methods you can use to make your tax-deductible financial contribution to The Philharmonic Association, Inc. today.

Mail your check to us:

Philharmonic Association, Inc.
Attn. Treasurer
P.O. Box 782
Cary, NC 27512-0782

Operating Support Gifts $50 and above since January 2019

SUSTAINER ($5,000 and up)
The Philharmonic Association is funded in part by the City of Raleigh based on recommendations of the Raleigh Arts Commission
Town of Cary
United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, with funds from the United Arts campaign as well as the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources

BENEFACTOR ($2,500-$4,999)

ADVOCATE ($1,000-$2,499)
The Anthony and Co. Charitable Giving Fund
Joe Bridger
Reginald and Carole DeMatteis
Ella Ann L. and Frank B. Holding Foundation
Steve and Pat Hodges
Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival – a Cary based festival supporting local arts and non-profit organizations and activities
National Christian Foundation
Xiu Yu and Minjie Wu

PATRON ($500-$999)
Accent Family Dentistry
Apple Inc.
Simon Capell
Cary Endocrine & Diabetes Center
Tina and Joe Chen
James and Connie Maynard
North Carolina Symphony
Kelli Partin
Matthew and Stephanie Petzold
La Donna and Timothy Quinn
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund – made possible through the generosity of the Trathen Family Fund
Alison and Seth Weinreb
Stan and Long Yates

SPONSOR ($250-$499)
Joseph Abelson
Carolina Jazz Festival
Lynn and Bentley Cheatham
Christian Brothers Automotive
Lynn and Beverly Davis
Shannon and David Eddleman
Laurette and Mark Gibson
Philip Kates and Deborah Schwartz-Kates
Ray and Carolyn Kohring
Amy Mccaskill and David Nicholl
The Roth Family Foundation
Angie and Todd Southwell
Fred Jacobowitz and Bonnie Thron
Karen and Aaron Young

BOOSTER ($100-$249)
Christine and Daniel Albert
Emily Asby
Nicole and William Blackwell
Geraldine Boone
Barry and Pam Cheregosha
Carol Chung
Denise Compton
Christin Danchi
Carolyn and David Dubay
Lisa and Eric Dumain
Mk Myatt and Randy Earl
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund at the request of Andrew Greene
Rebecca Dodder and Aldo De Tuoni Fraga
Franklin Products, Inc.
Brian Fuller
David and Maria Fuller
Brian and Elizabeth Gilger
Jeffery Combs and Michele Gora
Tiffany Haddock
Susan Havrilesky
Susan and Conrad Heinzerling
Brad and Stephanie Hirschy
Wei Li and Lei Huang
Yang Zhai and Min Hu
Ana and Elon Ison
Hong Hang and Tao Jin
James and Valerie Jong
Youmee and Yong Cheol Jung
Darin Knapp
Sonali and Harshad Kolte
Karthik Kripapuri
Heejoo Kang and Sangseob Lee
Yuna and Kwan Lim
Aiyi Lin
Betsy and John Livesay
Robert and Linda Locke
Susan and Richard Locke
Katie and Bao Long
Kelly Lumpkin and Adrienne Kelly-Lumpkin
Phyllis Martin
Lorry and Ted McCoy
Patrick and Joanne McMahon
Kent and Dorothy Miner
Jamila and Maurice Minga
Angela and Michael Molk
Noelle and Tom Murdy
Greg Sherman and Ann Neville
Pat Sadate-Ngatchou and Patrick Ngatchou
Prakash and Tanuja Patil
Vidalia and John Patterson
Tamara and Steve Polge
Elizabeth Arriaza and Frank Purcell
Chandan Basavakumar and Chaithra Rao
Wendy and David Robeson
Traci and Stephen Ross
Daniel Heyl and Sylvia Saenger
Amber Salter
George and Barbara Sawyer
Ally and Richard Sparacio
Stephanie Swisher
Beth Taylor
Sara Tychansky
Elizabeth Welch and Paul Vezzetti
Qingxiao Cheng and Hui Wang
Laura Havrilesky and Jeff Welch
Steve and Judy Westfall
Mark Molinoff and Jinmei Xu
J. Louis Yates
Mary Zehr
Ruhong Li and Hongling Zhang

FRIEND ($50-$99)
Krishna Kumar Ramanathan and Rekha Balasubramanyam
David Brame
Janice Brame
Mark and Marlys Brandell
Nancy Walters and Charles Clift
Kenneth Davis
Sandy Defelice
Digital Media Solutions
Meredith Nelson and Keith Donahue
Frank and Carole Donini
Maureen Donini and Frank Donini III
Sandra Evans
Shane and Melissa Frueh
Kimberly and David Gonzalez
Steve Haines
Willie and Phyllis Hardy
Jonathan and Sarah Hodges
Samatha and Vikram Indukuri
Cynthia Ir
Rebekah Davis and Grady Jackson
Dale and Carolyn Johnson
Amy Mackintosh and Tom Kagan
James and Paula Kaiser
Karl Linger
Ruth Martin
Clifford Meltzer
Srinivasan and Lakshmi Muralidharan
Ellen O’Hara
Erica and Tim Cobb
Prabhu Chandrasekhar and Usha Prabhu
Leslie Rugg
Aline Sadate
Molly Schneider
Bhuvnesh Sharma
John and Carol Sharp
Christopher Short
Malcolm and Catherine Southwell
Sarah Thrasher
Cynthia Verhey
Maura and William Waugh
William Weisser
Kim Whitney

Meet Our Supporters The Philharmonic Association wishes to thank and acknowledge the following organizations and corporations for their funding support.