Overview of Brass Chamber Ensemble Program

The Philharmonic Association has a history of brass ensembles that have complimented the full orchestra experience for our brass participants since 2006. These have included large brass and percussion ensembles, brass ensembles, horn quartets, and a brass quintet. We would like to continue with a Triangle Youth Philharmonic Brass Quintet. Quintet members must be dedicated to practicing their parts individually, and on their own as a group, to get the maximum benefit from monthly coaching sessions from members of the North Carolina Symphony. Read more in the Chamber Ensemble Handbook.

Photo of brass quintet posing with Triton Brass in a church

2015-2016 Triangle Youth Philharmonic Brass Quintet, shown here with Triton Brass.

Alex Fioto, Brass Ensemble Coach

Alex Fioto, Brass Ensemble Coach

Alex Fioto enjoys a multifaceted career as a professional trumpet player in Raleigh. He received a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Michigan and a Master of Music degree from Rice University where he studied with William Campbell and Marie Speziale, respectively. Alex has performed with orchestras such as the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, North Carolina Symphony, Charleston Symphony Orchestra, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, Virginia Symphony Orchestra and has appeared as principal trumpet of the San Antonio Symphony.

Quintet 2015-2016 Halle Michalak, horn; Reis Rothman and Josh Krauss, trumpets; Charlie Sothcott, trombone; Cole Breen, tuba Alex Fioto, Coach
Quintet 2014-2015 Halle Michalak, horn; David McPhail and Reis Rothman, trumpets; Jack Trathen, trombone; Cole Breen, tuba Alex Fioto, Coach
Quintet 2013-2014 Matthew Jenkins, horn; Stephanie Wiehe and Matthew Wakeford, trumpets; Henry Kilcup, trombone; Matthew Baker, tuba Don Eagle and Alex Fioto, Coaches
Quintet 2012-2013 Matthew McHenry, horn; Stockton Ray and Greg Jenner, trumpets; Nathan Tilley, trombone; Matthew Baker, tuba. Don Eagle, Coach
Brass Ensemble 2008 – 2009 Lauren Anderson, Michael Gottstein, Adam Greifinger, Stefan Wagner horn; Audrey Baron, Matthew Brunt, Jonathan Hammond, trumpet; Cara Daussin, Peter Lin, Alexander Vedder, trombone, Robert DiDomenico, III, tuba. John Ilika, Coach
Brass and Percussion Ensemble 2007 – 2008 Michael Gottstein,   Carlie Huberman, Lauren MacLean,Stefan Wagner horn; Audrey Baron, Chase Grange, Jonathan Hammond, James Kniffen, Jr.,trumpet; Phil Conderey, Eric Frender, Cathy Schule, trombone, Lucas Smith, tuba; Kyle May and Matthew Morrow, David Newton, percussion. John Ilika, Coach
Brass and Percussion Ensemble 2006 – 2007 Michael Gottstein, Adam Greifinger, Daniel Hammond, Carlie Huberman, Lauren MacLean, Carley Nobles, horn; Mike Culotta, Jonathan Hammond, James Kniffen, Jr., trumpet; Paul Anderson, Eric Frender, Keith Kennedy, trombone, Lucas Smith, tuba; Jake Gardener, Kyle May and Matthew Morrow, percussion. John Ilika, Coach

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