Full Orchestra Auditions 2020

Auditions for TYP, TYS and TYO for the 2020-21 season will take place virtually during the evenings of August 17 – 20.

Registration is online using the link below.

Auditions will be held using the Zoom platform for the 2020-2021 season. Students will receive an email with a specified name, number and time to enter the Zoom meeting via email (for example: Cello #14 at 6:15 PM).  Expect to receive this email on or around August 14, 2020.

After entering the Zoom meeting, the meeting administrator will check sound levels and verify the student’s identity. Once the identity is verified, the video will be turned off with only audio remaining, and the administrator will send the student to a Zoom breakout room to play for at least two judges. Sightreading will be shown on the screen by the judges at the appropriate time. When the audition is finished, students can click “leave meeting.”  Scores will be tallied and results sent out as soon as possible. Please do not call asking about results.

Auditions are scheduled by instrument and most instruments are scheduled on one day only. Except in cases of financial hardship, there is a $20 fee for each audition and auditions will not be scheduled until the fee has been received. Call 919-645-8434 to request a waiver based on financial need.

Musicians may choose to audition for up to two ensembles. For violinists this will entail two separate 5 – minute auditions. For everyone else, this can be accomplished in one 5 – minute audition. The registration will prompt you to select “First Choice Ensemble” and “Second Choice Ensemble”. Only select a second choice if you are willing to participate in that ensemble – otherwise select “None”. Violinists selecting a second ensemble will trigger two separate auditions requiring two audition fees.

Due to the large number, violinists are split into three groups: one for TYP, one for TYS and one for TYO. The requirements are different for each audition. Violinists may take up to two separate auditions, requiring a fee for each. All other instrumentalists may select up to two groups and this material will be heard during one audition (one fee).

Musicians must agree to attend scheduled dress rehearsals and concerts before they audition.

Basic Audition Requirements for Full Orchestras
You may audition for up to two orchestras only
2 or 3 octave scale of applicant’s choice
2 part Skill Sheet specific to each instrument and orchestra, available year-round
Excerpts for specific orchestra(s) posted online one month before auditions
See special instructions for Violin

Audition Requirements for Violinists
TYP Violin
3-octave scale
Violin Skill Sheets 2 TYP examples, available year-round
Orchestral excerpts specific to TYP, posted online one month before auditions
TYP level sightreading.

TYS Violin
3-octave scale
Violin Skill Sheets 2 TYS examples, available year-round
Orchestral excerpts specific to TYS, posted online one month before auditions
TYS level sightreading.

TYO Violin
2-octave scale
Violin Skill Sheets 2 TYO examples, available year-round
Orchestral excerpts specific to TYO, posted online one month before auditions
Easy sightreading.

Audition Fees

Audition fees may be paid by check or using Paypal at the time of registration. Please make the audition fee check out to Philharmonic Association or PA, Inc.

Audition fees should be mailed to:
Auditions Coordinator
Philharmonic Association, Inc.
P. O. Box 782
Cary, North Carolina 27512-0782

Registrations are open until the auditions for your instrument have taken place.

Placement into one of the Philharmonic Association full orchestras [TYP, TYS, or TYO] is at the discretion of the adjudicators. Their decisions are final and are not open for review.

To register you must agree to abide by the terms in the Full Orchestra Handbook. Click Here to read the 2020-21 Handbook

Click Here for Online Registration

Click Here to view our COVID-19 Plan for our 2020-21 Season