It is a proud occasion every year when we get to honor the graduating seniors in the Philharmonic Association.  We commend our 2022 graduates for their hard work, creativity, and talent and look forward to seeing where this next year of their lives will take them.

To see where our 2022 seniors will be attending college and what they are planning to study, enjoy this slideshow. We are excited every year by the great variety of schools and majors our musicians decide upon.  This year, we have musicians majoring in everything from jazz studies to geoscience to creative writing, and many who are pairing a music major with a STEM or other arts degree.

At the Philharmonic Association, we are firm believers that time spent in orchestral and jazz ensembles will prove beneficial to young people no matter where life takes them.  Whether a young musician is a part of our organization for nine years or one, we enjoy watching them grow in musical ability and other strengths like leadership, perseverance, and time management.  We are so proud of all that our 2022 seniors have accomplished and are excited to share this slideshow featuring their plans for the future.  Congrats to our 57 graduating seniors!