Written by PA Interns Callista Holleschak and Aditya Sharma.

The chronicle of Zebedee Jewell-Alibhai’s journey as a Jazz musician continued as he traveled from the East to West Coast to play with a group of talented Jazz musicians in the Monterey Jazz Festival in Monterey, California in September. During the music festival Zeb was able to meet and play with professional Jazz musicians, expand his musical knowledge through rigorous master classes, and share his love of saxophone by performing for the community.

Zeb spent five days in the Bay area enjoying the cool weather and playing with his Jazz band at the bustling festival of over 1,000 people. Not only was he able to play the music that he loves and meet other brilliant Jazz musicians, but he also gathered many important lessons from his experience in the festival.

When asked, Zeb said his favorite memory from the festival was “the couple of moments before the curtains opened, we were sitting there and waiting for the concert to start, and we were all so excited.” The anticipation and excitement he shared with the band at that moment taught him a lot about the importance of community within a musical group; that getting to know the members of the band makes you understand their musical playing styles and can take the performance up to an even higher level.

For all the aspiring young musicians looking to take their dreams to the professional stage, Zeb had some important tips to share that have helped him to personally grow as a musician and expand his networks: “I’d say one of the biggest things is making connections, that’s super super valuable. For example, I learned about the band I went to play with in California through connections, from my connections. Even on Instagram, you can always just [direct message] someone who you want to follow, and especially in the music world, making connections is how you get gigs and plays a huge role in your music career.”

Zeb has been playing with the Philharmonic Association in Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble for 4 years. We can’t wait to see where Zeb’s musical career will take him in the future, and wish him the best of luck!