If you’re a violinist, listen up!  The North Carolina Symphony will be hosting a virtual masterclass for middle and high school violinists on Monday, October 19th at 4:00pm.  This workshop is part of their “Tune-Up!” Series and will feature NC Symphony violinists Emily Glover and Qi Cao.  Musicians will be divided by age group in order to work on selections from the audition repertoire for Junior and Senior Region Orchestras.  The two pieces that musicians workshop during the session are linked below:

Senior Region Orchestra: Bach’s Concerto in A Minor, Movement 1
Junior Region Orchestra: DeBeriot’s Air Varie from Solo Time for Strings, Book IV

To learn tips and tricks to improve your skill and technique as a violinist and to receive expert feedback on your playing from Ms. Glover and Ms. Cao, register for this masterclass!

Click here to register.