Raising $275 dollars from one spontaneous afternoon gig is no common occurrence, but that’s exactly what a combo of our TYJE musicians did this past weekend! The six musicians in the combo, self-named “The 6-footers,” played for Carillion Forest Community Live Jazz at 4pm last Saturday, September 26, and received an inspiring total of $275 in donations.

The 6-footers was formed several months ago by TYJE members Emma Gonzalez (vocals), Zeb Jewell-Alibhai  (trumpet/sax), Luke Ramee (trombone), Alex Welch (bass), and Casey Cheatham (drums), as well as their friend Marvin Koonce (piano).  Zeb says their goal in forming the group was to “play music and raise money for good causes!” The musicians decided to donate the money raised during this gig to the Philharmonic Association’s Diversity Fund which goes towards our diversity initiatives.

Zeb described the gig as “awesome” and says, “We’re grateful to the members of the Carillon Forest neighborhood who came to watch and donate to our fund for the Philharmonic Association. We are super lucky to be a part of the amazing jazz program at the PA, and wanted to give back somehow. I am certain the money we have donated will go to a great cause!”

The Philharmonic Association greatly appreciates The 6-footers’ donation and their support as we work towards becoming a more diverse and accessible organization for musicians of color.  We express our sincerest thanks to Emma, Zeb, Luke, Alex, Casey, and Marvin!

If you would like to donate to our Diversity Fund or to our organization as a whole, click here.