On Tuesday, September 8th, our Triangle Youth Philharmonic had their first rehearsal of the 2020-21 season.  As one would expect, rehearsals look a little different this fall.  Each of our full orchestras is divided up into smaller groups and each group is assigned a time slot for a socially distanced rehearsal at Apex Community Park. Our string musicians wear masks and our woodwind and brass players position a mask over the end of their instrument and wear a face mask whenever possible.  We have put in place a variety of other safety measures to ensure our rehearsals remain socially distanced and safe from start to finish.

Although these changes certainly present some challenges to our musicians, volunteers, and staff, the positive attitude of those present at the first TYP rehearsal made for a positive atmosphere and productive session.  Here are some of the comments from students:


“The online format was very different from the traditional in-person rehearsals, but we made the most of online practice…A few brave souls stepped up and played excerpts in front of everyone—shout out to Brennan and others!” –Abby Li


“I was…impressed with everyone’s attitude, excitement, and overall sense of participation! I think everyone really had a great night!” –Hayden Silvester


“[Rehearsal] was a little difficult as everyone had to stand far away from each other…but overall it was…fun.” –Pranav Krishna Kumar


“I really enjoyed rehearsal yesterday. It was a great chance to see (socially distanced) some of my friends again after such a long time!” —Sharayu Gugnani


We will continue to take in all types of feedback and use it create the best possible experience for our 2020-21 musicians.  Thank you to the Philharmonic Association community for being so flexible this year and for remaining enthusiastic no matter the circumstances!  We are excited for the year ahead!