It is always exciting for our organization to see our members standing out at their schools and within their communities for their leadership, collaborative ability, integrity, and excellence. Those are qualities we highly value and strive to develop within the Philharmonic Association community. 

image of United Strings of Color QuartetThey are also qualities that perfectly describe Alexandra Etienne.  Lexi has played cello in our organization for four years, most recently participating in our Triangle Youth Symphony.  She was also one of the founding members of our United Strings of Color and has played in the quartet for two years.  

Upon graduating eighth grade this year, Lexi’s school awarded her not one, but three awards.  She was selected for the Excellence and Leadership Award in Orchestra for showing herself to be a hard worker and a good example to her fellow musicians. Lexi says that she always “gave 100% effort in orchestra” and was always ready to “help her section.”  Lexi also played an active role in girl’s track by leading most of the team’s warmups and and helping to plan their workouts.  For her active and valuable role on the team, she was awarded the MVP Award in Girls Track.  Finally, Lexi was awarded the coveted Principal’s Award for being a well-rounded student, involved in many extracurriculars including orchestra, chorus, hip-hop, and track, and still making the A honor roll.

Lexi says that after winning these three awards, she felt proud knowing that she “contributed to her track team” and “was seen as a leader by her orchestra teacher.”  She says, “I felt proud when I found out I was selected for the Principal’s Award because my hard work throughout the year was recognized.”  

We are so proud of Lexi for always putting forth her best effort, for striving to help those around her, and for passionately pursuing her talents and interests no matter how much work is required.  Bravo Lexi!