The Philharmonic Association recently responded to the heartbreaking death of George Floyd with a statement posted on social media expressing our grief for those suffering from racism and our desire to continue expanding diversity within our membership and our audiences.  

Our statement garnered a passionate response from some of our membership.  Several students expressed a strong desire to see our organization do more to increase diversity. These students also voiced sadness that the racial makeup of our ensembles does not mirror our community.  

Inspired by these passionate responses, the Philharmonic Association held a Zoom meeting on June 15th to continue the conversation. PA members, parents, and staff alike showed up for the meeting.  Participants came prepared with feedback and ideas on how to expand our diversity initiatives.  All in attendance expressed appreciation for the opportunity to voice their feelings and ideas and to play a role in working towards increased diversity in the PA. 

As a result of the meeting, we have a clearer idea of some actions we can take to foster diversity within our organization and will be creating plans to implement these actions.  We are so grateful to all who attended and plan to hold similar meetings in the future.