The Philharmonic Association recently responded to the heartbreaking death of George Floyd with a statement posted on social media expressing our grief for those suffering from racism and our desire to continue expanding diversity within our membership and our audiences.  

Our statement garnered a passionate response from our membership.  Several students expressed a strong desire to see our organization do more to increase diversity. These students also voiced sadness that the racial makeup of our ensembles does not mirror our community.  

The Philharmonic Association is inspired that our post has generated responses from our musicians who truly care about diversity. The PA also cares, and has engaged in various formal diversity initiatives since 2003. While the needle has moved slightly due to our efforts, we welcome this conversation about how we can do more. 

We would like to continue this conversation about increasing our diversity  over a Zoom meeting on Monday, June 15th at 6:30 pm. Please join us in this important conversation–we greatly value the input and ideas of all who are able to attend!

Register in advance for this meeting at this link: