As a musician it is important to  challenge yourself musically. That’s how you continue to grow as a musician. Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble saxophonists Zebedee Jewell-Alibhai and Adithya Sriram took this truth to heart and participated in the Gerry Mulligan Jazz Challenge.

This challenge is held every year in honor of Gerry Mulligan’s birthday as well as Jazz Appreciation Month.  This year, participating musicians grades 9-12 were asked to submit a video recording of themselves playing “Idol Gossip,” one of Jerry’s favorite songs. With musicians everywhere stuck at home, the contest organizers hoped that the challenge would be seen as an especially enjoyable activity.  

We are proud of Zeb and Adithya for participating in the challenge and for being selected as two of the winners!  As a winners of the challenge, they were both awarded a scholarship prize.  We applaud Zeb and Adithya for continuing to challenge themselves as musicians and for taking advantage of musical opportunities even while at home.