The Philharmonic Association is excited to announce the winner of our Classics and Cuisine Sponsorship Challenge. If we were announcing our winner to a concert hall full of people the way we wish we were right now, we would ask for a huge round of applause our winner: Maya Martin!

We are so impressed by Maya’s fundraising efforts.  As part of our annual Classics and Cuisine fundraiser, musicians are encouraged to ask friends and family to sponsor their performance at our fundraising event.  Maya took our fundraiser seriously, garnering the support of twelve different sponsors and raising over $500 through her sponsorships. Having raised this amount, Maya was in the running to win the Sponsorship Challenge along with three other Philharmonic Association musicians who raised $500 or more.  As the winner of the challenge, Maya will receive a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.  Although we wish we could honor Maya publicly, we hope the prize will help express our organization’s appreciation for her hard work.  

Image of Haielle Minga


We would also like to recognizing Haielle Minga as being a close second to Maya. She raised support from eleven different sponsors!  We applaud Haielle for her hard work and dedication to the mission of this organization.  


As a nonprofit organization striving to keep our fees as affordable as possible, the Philharmonic Association relies heavily on donations.  The funds that Maya and all of our Classics and Cuisine participants raised are greatly valued by our organization.  It is so encouraging for us to see that the youth musicians in our organization care about our mission and support the work we do.  Thank you Maya for all your hard work and congratulations on winning the Sponsorship Challenge!