When TYP bassoonist Elliott Gyll applied for NC State University’s Park Scholarship, he was was entered into a pool of around 2,200 students.  The Park Scholarship is a highly coveted award with full coverage of the cost of four years of tuition, room and board, school related fees, textbooks, supplies, and a new laptop.  Park Scholars are also given study abroad opportunities and grants for such opportunities.

After three rounds of essays, interviews, group activities, and other more unorthodox activities that allowed applicants to be seen interacting in their natural environment, 35 scholars were selected from the pool of over 2000 applicants to be given the scholarship.  The Philharmonic Association is proud to announce that our very own Elliott Gyll was one of the 35 chosen as a scholarship recipient!

When asked about his college plans, Elliott’s passionate answer makes it clear why he was chosen as a Park Scholar.  With great enthusiasm, Elliott replied, “I plan to double major in Linguistics and Statistics and am very passionate about learning foreign languages. The study abroad opportunities are undoubtedly the thing I’m most excited about. I’m currently learning Russian so I really hope to be able to go there at some point.”  Elliott is clearly a very ambitious scholar.

Elliott has also exhibited a great passion for music during his two years playing bassoon in TYP.  “I’ve always really valued being in an environment of people so passionate and dedicated to music and their craft,” Elliott explained, continuing, “The PA has, directly through the repertoire and indirectly through the relationships I’ve made, had a massive impact on my growth as a musician.”  He also described his love of TYP’s classical repertoire and the strong relationships he has made with his “woodwind neighbors” while in the ensemble.  

It brings us great pride to see the students in our organization pursuing their passions with the same dedication and focus that they have learned to apply to their ensemble’s repertoire.  We applaud Elliott for his ambitious spirit and look forward to hearing about the great experiences he will have as a Park Scholar!