During this unprecedented time, the PA is carefully considering the best ways to keep our students and staff safe while providing the excellent quality of music education that you have come to expect. As with everything in the world right now, plans are constantly in flux, but we wanted to inform you about the options we are looking into for this fall.

While our ensembles might not look exactly as they have in the past, be assured that the PA will be fully functioning in the fall, and we can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks. Please know that your participation is vital and we encourage you to sign up for auditions, or non-auditioned groups, as soon as possible at this  Registration Link. We will continue to update you as conditions change.  Currently, we have 2 different plans based on potential social distancing rules and restrictions on gathering sizes. The options being explored for next year are:

  1. Divided full-sized ensembles with an alternating rehearsal schedule.  In this scenario we divide our full orchestras into two half groups, for example TYP “A” and TYP “B”.  Both halves would play the same repertoire and rehearse every other week.  The half not in-person would follow along from home on a live-stream.  String orchestras and jazz bands should be able to function more or less normally in this scenario but group size may be restricted by the facility.
  1. Small ensembles (under 25 musicians) performing chamber orchestra repertoire. In this scenario, we will divide our larger ensembles up into smaller groups to perform some great chamber orchestra literature. Jazz and string orchestras should be able to operate as normal, but smaller groups would be considered if conditions require them.

We are preparing to transition between these options as conditions allow, and hope to return to operations as normal in the spring. To accomplish this, we will be forming our regular ensembles as we traditionally do, and will transform them into the smaller groups as necessary. Our auditions will take place as scheduled on Aug. 16-21. We are considering both in-person and virtual auditions at this time, and are awaiting more information from our traditional audition venues before making the decision. Excerpts and requirements will be the same in either situation. A decision about auditions will be made in the next two weeks.

Finally, please be on a lookout for a survey from us, regarding heath and safety measures we are considering at our rehearsals in the fall. We appreciate your continued support of the PA, and as always value your participation and musicianship!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Artistic Director, David Glover at artistic@philharmonic-association.org