To say that this year’s Classics and Cuisine fundraiser was a success seems an understatement.  The word “successful” does not fully capture the beauty of hundreds of individuals—musicians, friends and family, staff, and volunteers—working together to support the mission of the Philharmonic Association.   

A total of 177 of our youth musicians performed during Classics and Cuisine in ensembles made up of a mix of musicians from all our orchestras and jazz bands.  Most performed at Classics and Cuisine without a single rehearsal.  We are so grateful to our musicians for being willing to step out of their comfort zones and work together to create beautiful music for this important event.  We are also immensely grateful to the five conductors who took the time to select music for the event and to conduct the performances. 

Sixty-four volunteers helped to set up, decorate, manage the kitchen, serve food, sell tickets, supervise musicians, and clean up at the end of the night.  Some volunteers were relatives of PA musicians, some were PA members themselves, and some were members of our Board of Directors.  The Classics and Cuisine Event Committee: Chair Kim Bentley, Christin Danchi, Alice Ju, Luanne Roth, Margaret Partridge and Alison Voyer are commended for planning the event so well.  In addition,  4 staff members—Margaret Partridge, Alison Voyer, Susan Styll, and Krista Wiese—put in hours of work before, during, and after Classics and Cuisine to ensure the event ran as smoothly as possible. Rick Styll deserves a special shout out for not only driving the trailer with all the performance equipment for the fundraiser, but for loading and unloading the trailer—a big job. 

Another shout out goes to Kim Bentley who stepped in to emcee at the last minute.  We missed Bill Weisser who was unable to emcee this year due to health concerns, but greatly appreciate Kim.  

We are beyond grateful to the 72 parents that brought food.  Parents were asked to bring their specialty food item, and we received food from a diverse array of countries.  It was fun to see families express themselves through the food items they brought, and it was clear that time and effort had gone into the making of each dish.  We sold a massive amount of food tickets, and the food that was not eaten was brought to Healing Transitions (a men’s shelter in Raleigh) at the end of the night where it was immensely appreciated. 

We were so pleased with the great number of people that attended the fundraiser.  Thank you to everyone who attended—with your presence, you brought the atmosphere to life and made our organization feel very supported.     

Now that we have recognized the people who made Classics and Cuisine possible, we are happy to announce that we received a total of $10,157 from donations and $2,761 from food ticket sales this year!   Classics and Cuisine was truly more than a successful fundraiser.  Classics and Cuisine was beautiful illustration of the fact that our organization’s success is the result a community of individuals dedicated to our mission and willing to donate their time, their money, and their talents to support our work.  We are so grateful to every single person who played a role in Classics and Cuisine!  Thank you for your support!