It is time to sign up to audition for the Triangle Youth Orchestra and Triangle Youth Symphony‘s joint Honors Recital!  This annual recital features outstanding musicians from TYO and TYS performing the piece of their choice. The auditions, scheduled to take place on Sunday, March 22nd, will hopefully be rescheduled, and the recital itself will take place on Saturday, April 18th.   

If you are a musician in TYO or TYS, this is your opportunity to stand out and demonstrate your excellent musicianship.  This is your chance to perform that solo you have worked hard to master, and to show the extent of your diligent practice and musical talent. Whether or not you are selected for the Honor’s Recital program, you will prove yourself to be an outstanding musician by simply choosing to audition.  Take advantage of this valuable opportunity, and sign up for the TYO and TYS Honors Recital auditions! 

Click here to sign up and to see all guidelines for auditioning.   We hope to see your name on the Honors Recital program!