2020-2021 Important Dates

2020-2021 Important Dates
2020-2021 Important Dates 2020-07-07T23:37:02+00:00

2020 Auditions

Full Orchestras August 17 – 20
Jazz Ensembles August 23

Fall 2020 Dress Rehearsals and Concerts

TYJE, TYJO and TYJB Fall Dress Rehearsal Nov 14 afternoon
TYJE, TYJO and TYJB Fall Concert Nov 15

TYSO and Sinfonia Dress Rehearsal Nov 12
TYSO and Sinfonia Concert Nov 14 morning

TYP Fall Dress Rehearsal Nov 17
TYP Fall Concert Nov 22

TYO/TYS Fall Dress Rehearsal Nov 23
TYO/TYS Fall Concert Nov 30

Special Event Concert

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Concert
TYP January 18

Spring 2021 Dress Rehearsals and Concerts

TYJE Spring Concert April 24
TYJO and TYJB Spring Concert April 18

TYP Spring Dress Rehearsal April 19
TYP Spring Concert April 25

TYSO and Sinfonia Spring Dress May 6
TYSO and Sinfonia Spring Concert May 8 afternoon

TYO/TYS Spring Dress Rehearsal May 10
TYO/TYS Spring Concert May 11

Do You Know About Our Art Invitational?

This is a great opportunity for a student to get their picture on the cover of this year's program!

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