The Philharmonic Association Musician Internship program gives upperclassmen members of the PA the opportunity to experience all aspects of the management of the Philharmonic Association.  We believe it is important for our interns to have a thorough understanding of and appreciation for the organization that they are working for.  To facilitate this deeper understanding of the PA, we encourage our interns to attend a concert each semester beyond just the concert that they are performing in.  We also ask that the interns share a review of their favorite moments from the concert they attended.

This assignment serves a double purpose.  We believe it is important for PA musicians to support each other by attending concerts that are not their own.  For musicians of less experienced ensembles to look out in the audience and see that more experienced musicians are supporting their efforts by attending their concert, it is major encouragement.  And when musicians from more experienced ensembles look out into the audience and see younger or less experienced musicians watching their performance, it gives them an important reason to perform with poise and excellence.  By attending each other’s concerts, our interns set the example for fellow PA musicians of what a supportive community looks like.  

Both interns that attended the Jazz Fall Concert, Mary Kolbas and Natalie Wiese, share in their reviews their enjoyment of attending a concert they would not normally have attended.  If you were not able to attend the concert, their reviews will provide an excellent recap.  For those who performed in the concert, these reviews will serve to demonstrate how enjoyed and appreciated your music is.  Click here to read Mary Kolbas and Natalie Wiese’s reviews.