The Philharmonic Association is proud to announce that we are moved into our new space, The Triangle Youth Music Center at Cary Towne Center Mall! 

We are so excited about the possibilities that this space has to offer our organization.  The Center is large enough to host rehearsals for our chamber and holiday ensembles, and for the Classics and Cuisine groups.  We can also host various socials, small performances, meetings, open rehearsals, and open houses .  Because the space is in the Cary Towne Center Mall, we will receive a good amount of foot traffic, and it is our hope that our activities will encourage passersby to look into our musical offerings.  Our Board of Directors, staff, and PA members themselves are currently brainstorming ways to use the space for outreach purposes. 

Already, The Center has been put to good use.  Four of our Beginning of Season Socials were hosted at this location.  During these events, PA musicians had the opportunity to mingle, enjoy snacks, get to know their conductors, and engage in fun games and activities. It brought joy to the hearts of PA staff to witness a strong sense of community developing from the very start of the season, thanks in large part to our wonderful new space. 

The Philharmonic Association would  like to recognize the volunteers and staff who helped us with this move. We had help dismantling, moving, and setting up the rolling files, now housing our music library, and donated by Tonia Bowen Price of County Tax Services.  We had volunteers who helped move a donation of tables ad chairs from the North Carolina Advocates for Justice. We had help moving and reassembling our music library.  Other volunteers helped move our instrument collection and other items into The Center. And finally, volunteers helped work on getting The Center ready.  These workers include Robert Roth and his friend Andy Givens, Margaret Partridge, Tim Kohring, Susan Styll, Alison Voyer, Krista Wiese, Miles Partridge, Hugh Partridge, Wayne Fenton, Nick Fenton, Stan Elliott, John Patterson, Wiguins Etienne, Thatta Premnath, Krithikpriya Kunka, Alice Hancock, Evan Hancock, Vivek Vaidya, Amy Eischeid, Todd Eischeid, and Jie Hou. There is still work to be done, but we are taking a short breather after all this effort.

We hope you will be able to drop by The Triangle Youth Music Center soon, perhaps at our upcoming open house on October 13, from 3 – 5:00 pm.