You probably know that the Philharmonic Association consists of three full orchestras, two string orchestras, and three jazz bands.  But did you know that the Philharmonic Association also sponsors several chamber ensembles every year? 

Some of these small ensembles are longstanding ensembles like the Philharmonic Association String Quartet which is made up every year of Triangle Youth Philharmonic members.  PA leadership carefully selects TYP members for this ensemble who they identify as motivated, skilled, and involved.  The Triangle Youth Philharmonic Woodwind Quintet is another longstanding small ensemble of which members are chosen by PA staff and leadership. 

These two chamber ensembles aren’t the only chamber ensembles that the PA sponsors, however.  In fact, any TYP, TYS, or TYO musician can choose to form a chamber ensemble and apply for PA sponsorship.  Once a student forms a chamber ensemble (trio, quartet, quintet, etc.), and selects a responsible student or parent in the group to be the Ensemble Coordinator, the ensemble plays an audition for PA staff to demonstrate their motivation and ability to produce quality music.

The Philharmonic Association works with sponsored chamber ensembles to select a coach and to find performance opportunities. The purpose of chamber ensemble performances is to provide service to the community and to increase the visibility of the Philharmonic Association.  PA Chamber Ensembles have performed at libraries, schools, community events, hospices, retirement homes, and important arts events.  Last year, one chamber ensemble made up entirely of homeschooled musicians put together an educational program about music and performed it at local elementary and middle schools.  Another 2018-19 chamber ensemble, the United Strings of Color, formed for the purpose of engaging diverse audiences; they performed works by under-represented composers.  Over the years, we have sponsored numerous chamber ensembles, each with its own unique membership and focus.   

If you are a member of a Philharmonic Association full orchestra and are interested in chamber music, consider forming a chamber ensemble this season!  Once your membership is chosen, you can contact Executive Director Margaret Partridge regarding sponsorship. We love working with our chamber ensembles to engage community and further promote great music!  Read more about our chamber ensemble policies in the Chamber Ensemble Handbook.