The Philharmonic Association would like to thank PA families and friends for participating in this year’s fundraiser. We have received nothing but positive feedback about the event. The endless buffet of international foods was delicious, the music wonderful, and the setting of Temple Beth Or perfect for such a large and celebratory gathering. We can confidently say that one of two of our goals was accomplished–this fundraiser helped bring together, and continue to build, our PA community!

This incredible event would not have been possible without the help of countless volunteers. PA families and friends readily signed up to volunteer. Parents brought dish after dish of food to the kitchen, each clearly showing that time, thought, money, energy had gone into the making of them. Musicians arrived ready to perform and bravely played through folders of music that many had never played before. Conductors too donated their time to plan music for the event and conduct the ensembles. Some volunteers including multiple PA Board members helped from set up to tear down–a grand total of eight hours. In addition, William Weisser, one of our board members, did an excellent job emceeing. All volunteers worked diligently and smiled while doing so.

After the fundraiser, volunteers took all the extra food to the Salvation Army’s Women and Children’s Shelter. The shelter monitor was delighted at the large amount of food and at the quality and variety of it. She asked about the event and even mentioned that she played violin when she was young. She voiced the appreciation of the shelter and her personal appreciation as a former musician for what our organization is doing.

Thank you so much to all the musicians, families, friends, staff, and board members and to the Temple Beth Or for making this year’s PA fundraiser a success! You made a difference in our organization and in the community.

The work is not done, however. We have yet to reach our financial goal. You helped to earn almost $3000 in food sales. Between our wonderful event sponsor, Christian Brother’s Automotive of Wake Forest and Apex, and the musician sponsorships that have come in, we have raised another $6800. So, we need another $3200 to reach our goal of $13,000. Keep gathering sponsorships and remember to bring your packets to the last rehearsal of February to be collected. Thank you for all the effort you have put into raising money for the Philharmonic Association. We are confident that with continued effort, we can reach our goal!