The new Musician Intern Program has been up and running for a few months now.   All ten musician interns have been busy serving the PA and learning about what goes on behind the scenes of this organization.

Once a month, all interns meet to review progress, plan, and work on projects.  Much work is done between meetings as well.  The interns are divided up into different teams depending on their interests.  The Videography Team is currently putting together a promotional video for the PA. Meanwhile, the Stage Crew has been setting up rehearsal rooms before rehearsals and cleaning them up afterwards each week. So far, the Social Media team has done great work bringing the PA’s Instagram page to life–be sure to check out their posts @philharmonic.association. In addition, all interns recently worked together to write up program notes for the PA’s fall concerts and in the holiday season to come, all interns will participate in the Holiday Ensemble Project by either performing or helping set-up and lead rehearsals.

So far, the internship has been enjoyable and educational experience for all members and the Philharmonic Association has certainly appreciated the help of these ambitious and hardworking students!