One of our most critical volunteer positions is the Parent Coordinator for each ensemble. This person is the first line of communication between the conductors, administrators, and the members and parents in each group. As a parent of a musician in the group, they know what communications need to occur and are vital to a well-run organization.

Another important position is that of the weekly Attendance Volunteer. They help us encourage the team work so vital to ensemble playing. Please communicate in advance any absences that you know will occur for your musician. This will help our conductors make the best use of rehearsal time. Contact information is found on the Member pages.

Thank you to these volunteers:

Parent Coordinators
Triangle Youth Philharmonic: Terry Morris
Triangle Youth Symphony: Stephanie Petzold
Triangle Youth Orchestra: Jennifer Mulrooney
Triangle Youth String Sinfonia: Deena Gilliam
Triangle Youth String Orchestra:Elizabeth Will
Triangle Youth Jazz Band: Terry Morris
Triangle Youth Jazz Orchestra: Ten Mccoy
Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble: Amy Eischeid

Attendance Volunteers
Triangle Youth Philharmonic: Michelle Major
Triangle Youth Symphony: Siva Annadurai
Triangle Youth Orchestra: Pam Jackson
Triangle Youth String Sinfonia: Jeanette Santos
Triangle Youth String Orchestra: Greta Bock
Triangle Youth Jazz Band: Donna Rutigliano
Triangle Youth Jazz Orchestra: Meredith Nelson
Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble: Zoe Jewell