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TYP Member Information

Important Contacts

Conductor: Hugh Partridge
Associate Conductor: Rashad Hayward
Parent Coordinator: Nina Jesalva
Attendance Volunteer: Arati Kritikar

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Musicians must make a serious commitment to attending the weekly rehearsals detailed in the calendar below and abide by the attendance requirements in the Full Orchestra Handbook. Everyone is expected to be ready to play at the beginning of a scheduled rehearsal and at the call time before a performance.

Important Dates

No one will be excused from a dress rehearsal or concert unless it is for severe illness or death in the family.

Fall dress rehearsal and concert: November 14 and 19, 2017, Meymandi Concert Hall, 2 E. South Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
Messiah Sing-In (selected 20-piece orchestra): December 6 and 8, 2017, Edenton Street United Methodist, 228 W Edenton St, Raleigh, 27603
Holiday Dress Rehearsal and Concert: December 12 and 17 2017, Athens Drive High
Honors Recital: February 23, 2018, Ruggero Piano, 4720 Hargrove Rd # 120, Raleigh, NC 27616
Spring dress rehearsal and concert: April 17 and 22, 2018, Meymandi Concert Hall, 2 E. South Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
30th Anniversary Celebration: June 3, afternoon, Booth Amphitheatre, 8003 Regency Pkwy, Cary, NC 27511

Full Orchestra Handbook
Members and families should read and agree to the terms in the Full Orchestra Handbook.

Annual Participation Fees

Checks in the amount of $380 are payable to Philharmonic Association, or PA, Inc.

Mail to:
The Philharmonic Association, Inc.
PO Box 782
Cary, North Carolina 27512

Need based financial assistance is available.

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Meet Our Supporters

The Philharmonic Association wishes to thank and acknowledge the following organizations and corporations for their funding support.