Independent, by Elizabeth and Joe Kahn

There are lots of reasons to support the youth orchestras of the Philharmonic Association. The most important is that they give first-rate performances. A close second is that the young musicians of TYP, TYS and TYO are the classical musicians of the future, the pros, semi-pros, and amateurs who will continue to maintain the classical tradition......they comprise the cream of the crop. This is not little league; they play hardball, and they play it well.


The Triangle Lifestyle Magazine, by Carrie Knowles

[TYP and TYS] do much more than train musicians. They teach a lifelong appreciation and love of music. One alum recently submitted a piece for the Philharmonic Association News entitled: "Music Keeps Me Sane." Playing with TYP taught her commitment and about setting standards.


Classical Voice of North Carolina [CVNC], by John W. Lambert

"Triangle Youth Philharmonic Debuts in Meymandi"

There's hope for our collective musical future, thanks to the TYP and similar ensembles. The group has never sounded better than it did on this occasion--Meymandi is a big improvement over Athens Drive High School's somewhat dismal auditorium. The 250 or so young artists involved in the PA's three programs merit our attention and support. Those who are in the habit of taking in their programs know that it's no longer necessary to make concessions due to the age of the players. Their love of music and delight in the teamwork required to create it was evident in every measure.


Durham Herald Sun

This is a composition [Vaughan Williams' "Job"] which would challenge the efforts of a major symphony orchestra.  All present agreed that the young people had acquitted themselves nobly....the sound was thrilling.

Those who were present were well rewarded and we had a graphic example of what young people can accomplish when they are properly led and motivated. A refreshing wind blew that night.


Spectator, by John W. Lambert

The Triangle Youth Philharmonic is one of the jewels in our cultural crown, thanks to the fine work of its members and the genius -- we don't use that term loosely -- of its director, Hugh Partridge.

[The TYP] ensemble whose technical accomplishments -- rock solid intonation, sonic luster and precise dynamic control -- would be welcome in some area "professional" groups.

The Philharmonic Association aims to become the leading youth orchestra operation in the United States; with two full ensembles and a strong alliance with the North Carolina Symphony, it would seem to be well on the way toward achieving that goal.


News and Observer, by Christina Nfong

The best of the area's young musicians, participants in the Triangle Youth Philharmonic and the Triangle Youth Symphony...


Classical Voice of North Carolina [CVNC], by Elizabeth and Joe Kahn

"The Philharmonic Association: Youth Triumphant"

Whenever you get worried about the future of classical music, attend one of the concerts of the three orchestras of the Philharmonic Association, the Raleigh-based youth orchestra association, to revive your hopes. Last Tuesday and Sunday the three orchestras gave their end-of-the-year concerts, demonstrating both their raw talent and how far they progress from the time they first joined the Triangle Youth Orchestra [TYO], move on to the Triangle Youth Symphony [TYS] and finally leave from the Triangle Youth Philharmonic [TYP] when they graduate from high school. By then, the players sound nearly professional and their programs would present a respectable challenge to any professional orchestra.

.....The greatest regret, when you listen to the TYP, is the realization that you will not hear many of the players next year -- they'll be gone to college. Perhaps we will hear them again in the future, as members of one of the area's professional music organizations.


Classical Voice of North Carolina [CVNC], by John W. Lambert

"Triangle Youth Philharmonic Approaches the Summit"

For 14 years, the Triangle Youth Philharmonic, the flagship ensemble of the Philharmonic Association, has been growing apace, and over time it has become a major musical and educational entity. That this has happened while music in our schools has been increasingly marginalized is nothing short of amazing, and that the TYP's governing body now fields not one but three orchestras should give pause to the policy-makers whose decisions have led to the erosion of such "non-essentials" as music.


Review from Kingston upon Hull, UK Concert, by Paul D. Harrison

The performance was: impressive, magic, noble, spirited, winning, sparkling....


Classical Voice of North Carolina [CVNC], by Elizabeth and Joe Kahn

"Triangle Youth at Play"

It's always so much fun to listen to the three stair-step youth orchestras of the Philharmonic Association. Even though the personnel is different in each group, it feels as if you're watching a single musical entity mature in the space of a few hours....these kids represent the future of classical music as an integral part of the community.